Not a Traditional Kind of Haul

Okaay... so I know it's taken me a while to post a new video. My bad. I guess that I was just caught up in uni, exams and life in general. But my motivation back  and I have really enjoyed filming and editing this one, and that's what it's all about, right?

I wanted to take the traditional try on haul to another level, something that would let me be a bit more creative, and this is what came out. Hope you enjoy it. Any comments, suggestions or constructive criticism is always welcomed. 




My First Youtube Video?!

Hey guys! 

This time, I decided  to do something a little bit different... I created a youtube channel!!! I've been wanting to do youtube videos for many years and last month I decided to go for it. Posting this makes me quite nervous but exited at the same time and even though it's something that scares me, I wanted to experiment with things out of my comfort zone. It's something that I still have to get comfortable with but I'm sure that the more I film, the more confident I'll become. 

So, if you want to see what I've been loving for the last couple of months just click play and enjoy the watch!



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Memoirs of my Adventures | Croatia 2015

         Recently I have started to re-evaluate my life. It may be because of the start of the new year or due to the fact that I just turned 21 and had a sort of "twenties freak-out", but I have really started to try and figure out what life is all about. I've reached a point where I've realised that I want to find out what my true passions are and that I want to fight for what I want. Do more of what I love. Get things done and stop leaving things for some other time.

         I have come to terms with the fact that we are never going to be younger than what we are right now and that the past and the future are worthless if we are unable to thoroughly live the present. So, I've decided that I'm done with writing to do lists for my goals and my aspirations and that instead, I am going to start ticking out those boxes for once.

         I have been taking some time to think about what things truly make me happy and complete so that I can embrace them and do more of them, whilst pushing aside any fears that may want to stop me along the way. And the reason why I'm writing this post today is because I have found that one of those things that honestly satisfies me, is travelling.

         Discovering new places and their beauty amazes me and makes me hungry for more. There is something about being somewhere you don't know and just letting go. Letting go of stress and worries and just freeing yourself in order to absorb the energy that the unknown radiates. Absorb the light, the smells, the feelings, the new tastes... And it is then, and only then, once I am able to discover the beauty of these places and people, that I am able to discover a little more about me too.

         This is why I felt like sharing with you some bits from my last summer holidays in Croatia, a place that surprised me in the most pleasant way and that I would honestly recommend. With this post I want to start a series of memoirs about any new places where I travel to, which will hopefully be many more, and inspire you along the way.